Catrice It’s A Very Berry Bash

This season, I’ve been on the look-out for some new nail polish shades — I really like the idea of a nice bronze or rose gold to complement those turning leaves! However, nothing seems to say autumn quite like berry-coloured nails and — even though I’ve gone for so many similar ones in the past — I couldn’t resist picking up this new polish from Catrice!


Number 94 It’s a Very Berry Bash is that classic burgundy colour. It’s rich, deep and appears almost black in certain lights. It’s easy to wear and bound to suit all skin tones.

I’m not overly crazy about the finish though. I’ve used this twice now and both times, I’ve had to re-do a few nails. For the most part, application is smooth but it’s very easy to smudge along the way and I was left with some bumpy-looking tips. A little patience here is required!

This polish is opaque in two coats. Any time I opted for a third layer; it was definitely too much and generally not necessary anyway. The first time I used this, I ran out a top coat and this still held up for three days without chipping which I think is pretty decent. It’s a Very Berry Bash retails at just €2.99 so it makes for a good little affordable treat. Pair with a cosy knitted jumper for extra autumn feels!


One thought on “Catrice It’s A Very Berry Bash

  1. I tend to lean towards these darker/rustier shades during the fall as well. They just seem to match everything better, and I love the color you chose! I have some fall favorites posted as well- feel free to check it out!

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