Lush Frozen Bath Bomb

Great news for Lush fans who don’t live in London! Products that were once only exclusively available in the flagship Oxford Street store have started to arrive in regular Lush shops. Perfect excuse for a little splurge, I think!


On my last visit to Lush on Dublin’s Henry Street, I picked up — amongst other items — a Frozen bath bomb.


It’s a gorgeous blue colour and will undoubtedly go down well with fans of the film. When it hits the water, the middle immediately starts to stream out while either end of the sphere remains intact until the very end. The result is lots of vivid blue swirling streaks with hints of shimmer throughout.


Made with grapefruit, neroli and rose oils; this has a beautifully refreshing scent and leaves skin feeling silky soft.


It cost just over €5 so it is a little more expensive than other bath bombs in the shop but it does make for a lovely treat. Pair this with the Disney movie for a perfect night in!



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