Sweet Republic, Dublin

Today my sister and I took ourselves off for a much-needed long-overdue shopping trip! Before we headed home, we stopped by Sweet Republic. This café opened in Dublin city centre last month and specialises in extra-indulgent desserts. Think donuts, waffles, crepes, ice-cream and extreme milkshakes…serious drool-inducing stuff!


Located on Bachelor’s Walk, the café is in a busy central spot. Once inside, you order and pay at the counter and you’re given a ticket. You can grab a seat while you’re waiting and then your order will be brought down to you.

At the back of the shop, there are these fun colourful tables and chairs with room for roughly thirty people. We were there at around 4 in the afternoon and although it wasn’t absolutely packed, it was still busy enough.  A couple were just leaving as we came in so we quickly grabbed their seats!

Although a member of staff promptly came over to remove the previous customers’ plates; the table was left pretty sticky with streaks and blobs of sauce everywhere. I’m not a clean freak (by any means!) but even I was itching for a damp cloth to just wipe it down! The space is lovely and bright but it is on the small side — I’d definitely avoid going at peak times, especially if you’re a bit claustrophobic!


After checking out the impressive menu, we both ordered extreme milkshakes. There was a number of customers before me so I was surprised when my drink arrived first. Then random customers around the shop were served, one-by-one. By the time my sister got her order ten minutes later, I was nearly finished mine. While it was great that I didn’t have to wait very long for my shake; I always prefer it when cafés serve customers together — as I think most people would.

I opted for the Smores Extreme Shake — a creamy vanilla drink with caramel sauce, marshmallows, fudge and biscuit bits. It was as incredible as it sounds! The flavours were perfect; it was so sweet and indulgent without being sickly at all. I drank it all and loved every last drop!

My sister went with the Nutella Extreme Shake which came complete with cookies and cream. She really enjoyed it although she doesn’t have a big a sweet tooth as I do and so she didn’t manage to finish it! I took a few sneaky sips of her drink so I can say that was amazing too. I did find it a bit too rich although that may well have been because I’d already drank an entire shake of my own…!

sweet-republic-shakesOverall, I really enjoyed my trip to Sweet Republic. Sure there were a few little glitches but — to be fair — it’s a new small family-run business that’s only taking off. It’s a really fun place to visit for a treat and although the staff were run off their feet; they were very friendly and polite. I’d love it if they moved to a bigger premises because I know we just got lucky with the seats today and I imagine at the weekends it would be absolutely jam-packed! I’ll definitely be going back — I want to try everything on the menu! In the meantime, I think I’ll be hitting the treadmill…it’s so worth it though!


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