Baked Brie and Blackberries

Autumn is well and truly here and with it has come the urge to indulge in warm comfort food. For an alternative to a stodgy dessert; fruit paired with cheese is such a classic, simple and delicious combination.


Take 200g of fresh blackberries and gently heat them in a pan with 40g of sugar until you have your desired consistency — I like softened whole berries in a runny syrup.


Thinly slice off the top of a wheel of brie and pop it on to a lined tray and in to a warm oven for ten minutes. I used some Irish Tipperary Brie. I think it was only around 200g in size so if your wheel is bigger, double your quantity of berries.


This can get a little messy so to save on the cleaning, I keep the cheese on the parchment paper and move the lot to a plate or wooden board. Dollop on the berries and serve immediately while it’s warm — it’s so good!


The soft creamy cheese works really well with the juicy slightly-sharp berries.


Pair it with some fresh crusty bread or enjoy on its own. It works as a starter, a light meal, a dessert or even just a snack! Perfect for crisp autumnal days and cosy nights in 🙂


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