Friday Flowers

Flowers and Friday are a pretty good combination, right? I was so surprised and delighted to receive this beautiful bunch today! I also got cake and a card but it wasn’t exactly a celebration…


Today I finished up in my job. I only had a temporary contract and that contract ended today.  I’ll admit that it wasn’t my dream job but at the same time, it is definitely a little disappointing. I was learning quite a lot, developing my skills and — even though I always knew it wasn’t permanent — I had really settled there.

But now it’s time to move on. As it happens, I’m very familiar with this transitioning stage. This is largely down to the fact that in the three years since I’ve graduated from college, I’ve spent months and months as either an intern or a temp. Unfortunately it’s been next to impossible for me to secure anything more permanent. Instead it’s been a matter of going from workplace to workplace, trying to accumulate as much experience as possible.

The thoughts of having to start over again can be daunting but I’m trying to see this as a new opportunity and a fresh start. I plan to fully enjoy the next couple of days and the job search will resume Monday morning. Who knows what could be just around the corner! Have a lovely weekend!


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