55 Thoughts I Had Rewatching the First Episode of Gossip Girl

  1. This is such a weird song to open the entire series.
  2. Hey Serena!
  3. Cute jacket.
  4. Melanie 91 is hella creepy.
  5. Ah Dan and Jenny are so baby-faced!
  6. Blair will forever be my favourite.
  7. I wonder why they replaced her mum with a different actress.
  8. Oh Chuck…
  9. Probably not the best time, Blair.
  10. I could never pull of a little neck scarf like Serena 😦
  11. Her hair is too flat here though.
  12. Awkward how quick Nate bolts.
  13. Lily’s like a vampire, she doesn’t look the slightest bit different.
  14. Blair does the best expressions.
  15. Poor Eric.
  16. Ah Dan at the laptop — first clue!
  17. Both the Van der Woodsen siblings need to sort their hair.
  18. Jeez Lily, bitchy much?!
  19. The Humphrey’s place is so cool.
  20. Why would Chuck and Nate even get the bus in the first place?!
  21. Why would Chuck even notice Dan?! It doesn’t make any sense.
  22. Original minions.
  23. Myspace lol
  24. More than their rent omg
  25. Ugh just realised Chuck already knows about Nate and Serena.
  26. Fifteen-year-old Blair looks older than twenty-year-old Blair.
  27. How is Gossip Girl everywhere though?
  28. The actual sleaziness of Chuck…
  29. That sandwich does sound pretty amazing though.
  30. Poor Blair.
  31. Serena’s dress is so pretty!
  32. Poor, poor Blair.
  33. Okay Chuck, maybe stop watching?
  34. Seriously Chuck, what is the matter with you?
  35. They really make him out to be so horrible in this episode.
  36. Cinderella moment!
  37. Nate’s dad is actually so irritating.
  38. Dan’s awkwardness…
  39. What are the actual chances of that?!
  40. Such a perfect response.
  41. Yay Dan!
  42. Dislike how quickly Blair forgives Nate.
  43. It’s not that small an island, surely?!
  44. Do Lily and Rufus even end up with each other? It was impossible to keep up with that.
  45. Ooh burn.
  46. I actually personally prefer the dress in red.
  47. Blair’s mum and her words of wisdom…
  48. The little brats.
  49. Watch out, Jenny!
  50. Oh Rufus.
  51. Pink flip phone! The ultimate mid-noughties accessory.
  52. Twice in one episode, they really want us to hate Chuck.
  53. Get him, Dan!
  54. The pure rage on Blair’s face is amazing.
  55. No xoxo?!

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