My 7 Favourite Healthy Snacks

Sometimes it can be really hard to be healthy. Although I’m pretty good at eating balanced meals, I tend to slip up in between. Over time, I’ve found that the best way to snack right is to keep things simple. I also think it’s important to have a bit of variety so you don’t get bored. I try to have a few options in my kitchen at all times; anything that requires little or no preparation is always good. These are my favourite healthy snacks — as long as you watch your portion sizes, they’re all really good choices!


  • Raw pepper strips with a side of hummus
  • Carrot sticks with a side of tzatziki
  • Peanut butter on apple wedges


  • Simple smoothies…frozen berries and skimmed milk blasted in a blender is my favourite!
  • Feta cheese and watermelon/cantaloupe/grapes
  • Mozzarella and tomato slices


  • Plain yogurt with fresh blueberries and a small handful of chocolate chips to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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