Celebrating our Engagement

Over the weekend, we brought both of our families together to officially celebrate our engagement. We wanted it to be a relaxed but special affair so after we worked out a date that would suit us all, we immediately booked a table at our favourite restaurant.

Even though we know each other’s families really well, they had never really met one another so we were eager for them to be properly introduced at last (after five years!). I have to admit that as we got closer to the day, we were starting to get a bit nervous! We worried about whether we should have a seating plan, if there would be awkward silences, that the food wouldn’t be up to scratch…

Thankfully, it all went so well. In the end, we decided we just weren’t going to stress anymore as there really was no point! We got to the restaurant on Saturday, had a drink together and agreed that we would just focus on enjoying the night! After that, everyone seemed to arrive within minutes of each other and grabbed seats wherever they wanted. The conversation flowed all night and the food was amazing (we figured it would be but had still panicked a bit about it nonetheless!).  All in all, the whole evening really couldn’t have gone better and we’re so happy about that!


We put a bit of thought and effort in to our night and it was a great success.  I’m definitely (by no means!) suddenly an expert at planning these kind of events but I thought it could be helpful to share what I learned while we arranged this kind of a celebration:

  • Choose a comfortable setting in a convenient location — rather than take a risk at a place you’re not familiar with, I think it’s better to play it safe for this important occasion!
  • Work out your budget beforehand and leave room for extra expenses. Decide how many courses you want to go with or if you’d rather have a buffet-style or simply finger food.
  • Check how the restaurant will style your table and consider if you want to add some extra touches — we had balloon bouquets which made for simple but effective decoration!
  • Chances are, not everyone you invite will be able to make it so be prepared for a couple of apologetic last-minute messages!
  • Don’t forget to advise the restaurant beforehand if any of your party have specific dietary requirements.
  • Arrive early so that you’re there to welcome all your guests as they arrive.
  • Make the effort to mingle between courses so that you’re not just talking to the people closest to you.
  • It’s easier said than done but really, don’t stress too much. It’s just one night and if you’re willing to accept that it mightn’t go completely to plan, you’re much more likely to enjoy it!

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