79 Thoughts I had while watching #PLL Mid-Season Finale

  1. “It’s not too late” hahaha okay Aria
  2. Earlier that night…
  3. I don’t trust her.
  4. Nice hair though
  5. Red coat!
  6. Okay there is always someone there Hanna, how have you not learned that by now?
  7. Freaky mask!
  8. Oh, Mona…
  9. Oh…what’s this?
  10. Who’s that?!
  11. That’s your man! Isn’t it?
  12. How is she only noticing him now?
  13. Yep, definitely don’t trust that one.
  14. Whaaaat….
  15. A’s brain?!
  16. Emily looks a bit like catwoman.
  17. Oh that guy was Jason.
  18. Ahhhh….
  19. Knew she’d be back.
  20. Another sibling?!
  21. “She is a she…?”
  22. What
  23. Who’s that?
  24. Oh no…
  25. Oh no…
  26. Okay so where exactly was the father when she was crying?
  27. Ah now, that’s a bit much.
  28. Oh, so that’s what it’s about.
  29. I definitely never guessed that!
  30. Who’s that one?
  31. Bethany!
  32. “Fabulous and devastating at the same time”
  33. What the hell?!
  34. That was unnecessary.
  35. “Literally” – ew…
  36. Love Mona’s lipstick.
  37. Red coat!
  38. That’s not trash…
  39. Omg she’s looks so different.
  40. Jason…
  41. They dated?!
  42. Alison’s face lmao
  43. Ok that’s kind of messed up.
  44. Really messed up, actually.
  45. Oh she hates him.
  46. Not a fan of Alison’s eye make-up.
  47. Yeah Bethany needed to go.
  48. Honest mistake, to be fair.
  49. This actually explains it, omg!
  50. How does that creepy blue-eyed lady come in to it though?
  51. What’s up with Mona?
  52. Oh.
  53. Ugh Wilden.
  54. Poor CeeCee…
  55. Ok but he looks exactly like Jason?
  56. Red Dressing Gown lol
  57. Mona was in that car? Did they know that?!
  58. Her Ali impression is pretty good.
  59. That mask is so freaky.
  60. Ah knew it, never trusted her.
  61. Way to justify the attack…
  62. Ok but they’re not actually your dolls?
  63. Who is that?
  64. Oh dark hair.
  65. Emily?! Wait, what? Oh yeah…
  66. Those shoes…!
  67. Mona so crazy
  68. So who actually killed this one?
  69. Gah!
  70. Don’t…
  71. Hahaha
  72. Yay!
  73. My heart…
  74. Is it over though…is it?!
  75. Oh…
  76. I can’t believe it either, Aria…
  77. WHAT?!
  78. Omg that fringe.

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