My Sims Legacy: The Final Chapter

I fully intended on posting the final update of my Sims legacy at the end of June. As it’s turned out, however, this summer has been crazy busy so I’m only getting around to doing that now. I’m so excited to finally get to post this last piece!

If you haven’t been following along and you want to catch up, you can find part one here, part two here and part three here!


The last instalment ended with the arrival of the ninth generation. Isaak and Isobel are both whiz kids who excel at school. Isaak shows a creative flair as well and shuns the traditional programming career of his predecessors to become a somewhat decent artist.



On the lookout for inspiration, Isaak meets Myra in the park and marries in typical quick Beauvoir fashion. A family-oriented but hot-headed Sim, it’s immediately obvious that Isaak’s new wife is going to be interesting! Mini-Myras Juliet and Jill arrive soon after, much to the delight of doting grandparents Hunter and Donna.


Sadly grandma Donna doesn’t make it to the birth of Jacob the heir. After her death, Hunter and Isobel move out of the home…and that’s when the problems begin. Myra quickly begins to resent all the time Isaak is devoting to his art. The kids are growing up and wanting to spend less time with her and, as she’s left to cook and clean on her own every day, she grows madder and madder. Arguments and insults become a daily occurrence. Isaak then unsuccessfully attempts to have an affair and it seems a divorce is imminent. Before that can happen, there’s an unexpected accident. Little Jacob is playing with his favourite science set one day when he accidentally starts a fire. Devoted mom Myra rushes to his aid and tragically gets caught up in the flames.


Like his grandfather Gabriel, Isaak has to step up to the task of becoming a single father. He would undoubtedly have done a pretty good job of it except…


A problem occurred on my end. When I got The Sims 4 way back last year, I had to install it on my fiancé’s laptop because it just wouldn’t run on mine. At the weekend, he had to do a BIOS update…and it completely wiped everything. We’ve since reinstalled the game but unfortunately there’s not a single trace of the Beauvoirs 😦 They’ve completely disappeared and I’m fairly annoyed because I was so close to completing my legacy! All I needed was for Jacob to become a teen and then a young adult and that would have been it. It’s a shame but sadly there’s nothing I can do about it…

I’ll be taking a break from The Sims for a little while but I really enjoyed playing this legacy challenge and it would definitely be something I’d be interested in doing again. I still can’t believe how close I came to completing it but it’s really not that big of a deal — it seems like the Beauvoir legacy was just never meant to end!



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