Dinner Date

Later this month, we’re having a small party to celebrate our recent engagement. We’ve booked a table at our favourite restaurant and invited both of our families. Even though L and I have been together five whole years, our parents and siblings have only met each other in passing so we thought this would be a great opportunity to get everyone together at last! I’m really looking forward to the event and this weekend, I’m planning a little shopping trip to find the perfect dress for it. I’m looking for something pretty and simple and these are some pieces that I’ve come across that I really like so far:


Oasis Black Lace Patched Dress

Dorothy Perkins Chi Chi Floral Dipped Hem Dress

Warehouse Green Formed Linear Prom Dress

New Look Mela Navy Paisley Print Dress

River Island Light Pink Faux Suede Skater Dress

Topshop Tile Print Tunic Dress


4 thoughts on “Dinner Date

  1. They’re all really nice. Out of those, my vote goes to the blue paisley New Look one, that was the one I was mostly drawn to. Personally I would avoid going all black, even though black is my main go to colour, as this event is a celebration I think you should go for something brighter and cheerier! I would also avoid anything like that pink one, pretty as it is, it’s a risk at the dinner table, one splash of salad dressing or pasta sauce and it’s ruined! (for that night anyway).

    Have a lovely evening anyway, whatever you wear!


    1. I love that New Look dress! You’re so right about the risk of light colours too, I have such a tendency to spill that I think wearing them for this occasion could be asking for trouble 😂


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