Triple Chocolate Surprise Inside Cupcakes

I hadn’t done any baking in the longest time so I decided to make some cupcakes for the weekend. We’re going to my boyfriend’s fiancé’s family home to celebrate his mum’s birthday and I thought I should bring along some treats!


I’ve been wanting to try out Dr Oetker’s Surprise Inside range so this seemed like a perfect excuse to give it a go! Available in chocolate, salted caramel and lemon flavours; they come in pouches with nozzles designed to fill cupcakes with a sweet and gooey centre.


With mine; I made some regular chocolate cupcakes and allowed them to cool for a few minutes once they came out of the oven. While they were still warm, I inserted the nozzle of the pouch and attempted to fill each cupcake as evenly as possible!



Each 140g pouch is meant to fill up to 12 cupcakes — although I did find it a bit hard to tell how much product to put in each one and ended up filling 15.


I carefully followed the instructions for these, inserting the nozzle completely in to each cupcakes. Once they had completely cooled, I added frosting and sprinkles for a cute finishing touch!

Once the cupcakes were cut open, the results were mixed. I baked half the batch in a shallow ‘bun’ tin and the other half in a deeper ‘cupcake-style’ tin. Initially, I thought that those made in the bun tin turned out better simply because the cakes were shallower which made it easier for the filling to reach the centre. However, as people were eating them, I then noticed that some of those baked in the cupcake tin also had a really good gooey centre too! In the end, it seemed the majority of the cupcakes turned out really well with a perfect chocolate-y middle. It was only with a few that the filling didn’t quite reach the centre.



However they looked though, they all tasted equally delicious. The chocolate filling is rich and indulgent and adds a fun twist to the classic cupcake. I can see myself using this again in the future to come up with some yummy combinations….I’m thinking strawberry cupcakes with a chocolate centre, vanilla bean with salted caramel and lime with lemon might all be to come!



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