Essie Brides to Be

I couldn’t resist. I’ve always said I’m a sucker for cute things. When I was browsing in my local pharmacy and I saw the Essie 2015 Bridal Collection, I just had to stop and stare.

The colours in this range are so beautiful. There’s the palest purple, the punchiest pink, a stunning red-orange…I limited myself to just one: a nude shade called Brides to Be. I got engaged last month and I’ve never been so conscious of how my hands look — so that was how I justified this particular purchase!


I’m such a big fan of nude nails — I always think they look so pretty, clean and elegant. They work at any time of the year but seem particularly lovely in the summer months. Brides to Be is a darker type of nude colour, almost like a warm sandy-beige.


This is the third Essie nail polish I’ve ever bought…and I think it’ll be the last too. I have the same problem every time — the formula is just far too runny for my liking. In the past, I’ve wondered if I’d picked up a dud bottle or that I’d not paid enough attention during application. I allowed myself to be drawn in with the beautiful colours but the reality is that these polishes just don’t work for me! The formula is so incredibly thin and I’ve been left with air bubbles and an uneven finish. I can just about get decent results with two light coats but really, it’s not good enough.


Like I said, I adore the colours in the collection. Essie, in general, have some of the nicest shades out there. I’m disappointed with the quality though. As well as that, they cost €10 a pop and I could easily pick up a Rimmel polish for half that price and more than likely be pretty happy with it. So — unsurprisingly — I really can’t recommend this. Have you tried any/many Essie nail polishes — how do you find them?



4 thoughts on “Essie Brides to Be

  1. I’m really conscious of how my hands look too! I have tried Essie polishes in the past, but didn’t have the same problems. I’m just rubbish at painting my nails!


  2. I always like the Essie bridal collection. I think I am wearing Eternal Optimist right now and it’s been going strong for just over a week, even after I cut my nails! But I do tend to prefer something like the Barry M gel polishes because of the price point!

    Aisling | aisybee.


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