Lush Oxford Street

Earlier this year, the biggest Lush shop in the world opened on London’s Oxford Street — three floors of bath bombs and bubble bars, shower creams and scrubs, face masks, moisturisers and more!


Of course I paid a visit when I was in the area. How could I not?! As we walked down the city’s busiest shopping street, I could smell the shop before I could even see it. I’d know that intensely sweet powdery scent anywhere!

As you enter on to the ground floor, you’re met with tables and shelves loaded with an assortment of skincare and haircare products. Walk down the stairs to the spa area where you can indulge in a treatment, explore their perfumes and candles and listen to some chilled-out tunes. On the first floor, it’s bath bomb central with some oils and gift-sets thrown in for good measure.



This flagship store boasts over 200 exclusive-to-Oxford-Street items. Since we were carrying on — rather than checking in — luggage on our flight home, I wanted to avoid liquids. Instead, I opted for two beautiful bath bombs.

The Experimenter is a fun and chunky uniquely-shaped piece. As soon as it hits the water, it basically becomes a rainbow! Half a dozen different colours appear and swirl around the bath as it fizzes away. Sadly, the multitude of shades eventually merge to become one murky result. It does, however, leave skin super-soft and it smells lovely with hints of vanilla throughout so I certainly wouldn’t dismiss it altogether!




The second bath bomb I chose was Intergalactic. I absolutely loved this one, it has become an instant Lush favourite of mine! It immediately looks appealing; a richly-coloured sphere speckled with glitter. It turned the water the deepest shade of blue…and it stayed that way until the very end. It smells minty and citrusy and again, it has a very moisturising feel to it.

Just a warning: both of these bath bombs will leave tons of glitter in your tub so be prepared to scrub it later (but it’s worth it, promise!).






I loved the products I brought home although I wish I’d been able to pick up more (I’m checking in a bag next time I go to London, for sure!). Overall, I really enjoyed my trip to the Oxford Street Lush store — if you’re in central London, it’s definitely worth stopping by!


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