Goodfella’s Dessert Pizzas

Recently, as I was browsing the freezer aisle in Tesco’s, I came across Goodfella’s Dessert Pizzas. I love trying out new things plus I have a crazy sweet tooth so (of course!) I was instantly intrigued. Since they were on offer at half-price and cost just €1.99 a piece, I figured I couldn’t not give them a try!



There are two flavours to choose from, Apple Crumble and Chocolate Brownie. Both consist of a frozen stone-baked pizza base with sweet toppings.


Apple Crumble has diced apples, Bramley apple sauce and a crumble topping. A bit of care has to be taken when opening this one as some of the powdery crumble can (and probably will) spill everywhere once the plastic comes off. Of course, it does then firm up in the oven. Taste-wise; it’s a lot like an apple pie with its doughy base and fruity pieces. It’s nice but…I feel it’s missing something — I think it could do with some cinnamon. This is best served warm from the oven. I had some of the leftovers the next day and it was fairly tough and hard to chew, even when reheated.


When I picked these dessert pizzas up; I guessed I’d prefer Chocolate Brownie and I wasn’t wrong! This one is topped with milk chocolate sauce, chocolate brownie pieces and milk and white chocolate chips. My first thought after unwrapping it was that the brownie pieces are so scarce — it looks like there’s barely half a regular-sized brownie crumbled on top. When it had baked and (only slightly) cooled, I discovered it was actually more than enough. The sauce is so good — it’s sweet without being sickly and delivers a really good chocolate hit. Combined with the milk and white chocolate mini-chunks, this is a chocaholic’s dream! While this is also best served immediately after baking; it was almost as good served cold the next day!


The recommended baking time for these pizzas is 14-17 minutes so they’re a handy dessert to have on standby in the freezer (you know, for an emergency or something…). Handier still is that there’s no need for plates or forks — just like regular pizza, you can divide this up and everyone can grab a slice of their own.


These were fun to try and I’m glad I picked them up. I don’t think I’d repurchase the Apple Crumble pizza but I’d definitely try the Chocolate Brownie again…or maybe even attempt to make it myself one day! What do you guys think about dessert pizzas in general — have you tried any, would you try them or does the whole idea just seem wrong to you? Let me know in the comments below 🙂



4 thoughts on “Goodfella’s Dessert Pizzas

  1. I don’t know what to make of these! haha The boxes I just always associate with normal pizza so my stomach is totally confused 😛
    I’m not a fan of apple crumble as it is but I think it looks more appealing for some reason…maybe I’ll pluck up the courage to try the brownie one at some point.



  2. I tried the chocolate brownie one which I purchased from my local tesco and I was so excited to try it…… disappointing. The topping and chocolate sauce was delicious but it was the base’s lack of sweetness that ruined it for me so sorry goodfellas but the base needs a major rethink


  3. Had excited children in the supermarket (and to be honest I was also)
    Upon opening I did think it looked alot less than on picture.
    We cooked it and could not wait to eat it as we placed it in our mouth and all wait for a review from each other of yum we were shocked to hear this is not nice.
    Nothing as we expected will not buy again


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