My Sims Legacy: Part Three

It’s the end of the month so time for another Sims legacy update! Unfortunately a glitch where previous generations appear non-existent still continues to exist in the game but I’ve opted to carry on as normal. The challenge, if you’re unfamiliar with it, is to play a single family for ten generations with specific succession laws. I created a traditional patriarchy where the eldest son becomes the heir. (you can read part one here and part two here if you want to catch up!).


My last installment ended with fifth generation-er Ezra having a shotgun wedding and becoming a father to triplets (all in the same day — it was a busy weekend!). Even though they rushed in to marriage, it turns out Ezra and Kayla are a good match. He’s a perfectionist and she’s materialistic so he quickly climbs the career ladder and starts bringing home some serious Simoleans. They need all the cash they can get though as they go on to have five more daughters (because triplets Flynn, Florence and Fidel obviously weren’t enough!). Faith, Fleur, Freya, Fifi and Fae are added to the line-up, ensuring that the sixth generation of the Beauvoir family will be one to be remembered!


As the house fills up, some of the younger daughters are sent to live with cousins.  When the triplets eventually come of age, Flynn and Fidel are left in charge of the house. They make the most of their independence, trying out different careers and redesigning the home to suit their needs (think flat-screen TVs, huge stereos and lots of space for impromptu parties!).

It’s only as they transition from young adults to fully-fledged grown-ups that they start to think of their futures. Flynn marries lovable goofball Lilian and Fidel moves out to settle down with his new bride Adelaide. The house is turned from bachelor pad back in to family home as Flynn and Lilian become parents to future heir Gabriel. Multiple births definitely run in the family as twins Godric and Giselle are born soon after.



Gabriel grows up to become a self-assured snob and marries Elisabeth, a lady even more materialistic than his grandmother. They love the finer things in life but unfortunately their taste for expensive art and fancy dinners means that money is being spent faster than it can be earned.

The family home eventually has to be re-sized to cut down on costs but it stays big enough to accommodate a growing family. The ensuite master bedroom remains for the heir and his wife. Down the hall is a room for Laurie, Elisabeth’s daughter from a previous relationship. The couple’s first-born Hunter gets the big corner room and his baby sister Honour has to make do with a box room. 



As their finances become more and more of a burden, the stress takes its toll on Gabriel and Elisabeth’s marriage. So much so that she flies in to a rage one day and beats up poor Gabriel. He promptly divorces her and she’s so distraught that she can’t eat and starves to death…tragic but no terrible loss. Gabriel does just fine raising little Hunter and Honour on his own. Their stepsister Laurie even hangs around to help until the pair age up.

Worried about his self-assured but lazy son, Gabriel takes it upon himself to sort out the future of the next heir. When he meets young librarian Donna, he immediately deems her a perfect match for his beloved boy. Once they’re introduced, Hunter attempts to be romantic by immediately proposing. He’s mortified when Donna turns him down but they decide to date nonetheless. Eventually she decides she’s ready to settle down and the young couple elope.


Isaak is their first born and Isobel follows soon after. It’s a perfect little family unit…but — with a history of conflict in past generations — will it stay that way for long? The following and final update will be posted at the end of June!


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