Glenisk Strained Greek Protein Yogurts

As seems to be the case every year before summer; I’m on a bit of a health kick! This time around though, it’s not just about dropping the pounds I put on over the colder months (although that is definitely a major factor!). I’m also making a serious effort to eat right because I’m becoming more and more conscious of looking after myself for health reasons too.

I was really happy then to recently receive a few vouchers that I could exchange in my local supermarket for the new Glenisk Strained Greek Protein Yogurts. I eat yogurt at least a couple of times a week (probably more when I’m on a health kick) and I’ve been a big Glenisk fan for quite some time now.


This particular range is designed to be a healthy snack for any time of the day. Each yogurt is high in protein (between 8-10g per 100g) and also fat-free with a typical serving coming in at around 100 calories. They come in a large 450/500g size, individual 150g pots and 4 x 100g packs, retailing between €1.29 and €2.99. Flavours available include (deep breath) natural, vanilla, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, rhubarb, mango & passionfruit and coconut.


Along with my vouchers, I was also sent some pretty cool toppings. Made by Wyldsson, there was a 48g tube filled with ingredients such as almonds, hazelnuts, Persian mulberries and Belgian dark chocolate and also a 33g pouch which included toasted cashews, pumpkin seeds, sun dried Goji berries and chia seeds. These tasty mixes of nuts, seeds and fruits are perfect for adding a little something extra to your yogurt. A couple of handfuls sprinkled on top adds even more taste and loads of crunchy texture — it’s so delicious and I’m a little obsessed!


Back to the yogurts; I opted for a four pack of vanilla and a single serving of mango & passionfruit. Having tried the two different flavours, I can confirm that they’re as thick and creamy as each other. They have the texture of a chilled dessert rather than a typical yogurt — every spoonful is so light and velvety!

I have to say I wasn’t a huge fan of the mango & passionfruit flavour — I got a slightly artificial taste off it. The vanilla, on the other hand, was much nicer with its delicate and subtle flavour. Adding the toppings gives them a lovely indulgent feel and works well with both flavours.

Overall, I did like these yogurts and I think they’re great to have in fridge for an alternative snack — especially for fitness fanatics who might appreciate the extra protein boost! Personally, however, I prefer the regular Glenisk yogurts for every day — Original No Added Sugar Blueberry is my favourite (and I think it might be even better when I add some more of these toppings!).



Please note: as mentioned above, I was sent vouchers for these products to trial. Opinions are, as always, my own and 100% honest. Any interested Irish readers can avail of a free sample of Glenisk Strained Greek Protein Yogurt here 🙂


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