Raspberry and Peach Cobbler

I don’t know whether to expect sunshine or rain showers but I’m looking forward to this weekend nonetheless! We have no definite plans so we’re just going to take it as it comes. I wouldn’t mind getting out and going somewhere but I’d be equally happy to catch up on sleep and have a Netflix binge at home too!


Whatever happens, I figured it would be good to have a dessert on standby so I put together a raspberry and peach cobbler.


I followed this same recipe that I first came across a few years back; this time replacing the frozen fruit with fresh raspberries and tinned peaches.


If you haven’t had cobbler before; you need to try it immediately. It mightn’t initially look hugely appealing but it’s actually like a beautiful cross between a crumble and a pie! The recipe is so straightforward, seeing sweet juicy fruit topped with a simple scone-like dough and baked to perfection.



This cobbler is delicious served on its own at room temperature but even better when it’s warm…with ice-cream, custard or fresh cream on the side ;-). I hope you all get the chance to try it out for yourselves — have a great weekend!



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