Sally Hansen Naked Ambition

Who doesn’t love nude nails? They look clean and elegant and they’re especially pretty for the spring/summer season. Last month, I picked up Sally Hansen 210 Naked Ambition and I’ve been wearing it pretty much ever since.


I’ve tried a few Sally Hansen polishes in the past and I’ve always been a fan. This time, however, I wasn’t quite as impressed. The formula in this particular bottle is thin and runny which means it’s difficult to apply and it takes an absolute age to dry. Three coats and half an hour later, my nails will still be tacky to touch.

Awkward application aside, I really like the colour. It’s not just plain neutral; it has a lovely peaches-and-cream feel to it. It still has that fresh look of nude nails but also with a bit of warmth to it too. I always apply a top coat with this one so I get my usual 4-5 days before there’s any damage. Overall, I’d say you’d want to be patient but it’s a gorgeous shade so if you can spare a couple of hours; it’s worth the wait!



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