Lush BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask

As you could probably guess from glancing through my blog, I’m a big Lush fan. I’ve tried their shower gels, hand creams and dozens of bath bombs. On my most recent visit, I wanted to get something completely different so I opted for one of their fresh face masks. Nestled in to piles of ice, they looked so appealing that I wondered why I hadn’t tried them before!

After much deliberation, I went with BB Seaweed. It’s made with fresh seaweed, honey, aloe vera, rose petals and a whole host of other nourishing ingredients. It smells clean and wholesome and it feels creamy with a slightly gritty touch. It’s also suitable for everyone; designed to soothe, soften and moisturise.


This product is incredibly thick which does make it a little more difficult to spread on the skin. It’s definitely easier to apply this in a bath to reduce mess — also ideal because you have to leave it to work for ten to fifteen minutes.


Within a couple of days of applying this for the first time, I had this massive mother-of-all breakouts. My chin, in particular, was a disaster zone and it took a solid week for it to clear up…

I don’t think this was necessarily an overly bad reaction though. In fact, I was once told by a beautician that a really good skincare product will draw out all your impurities and ultimately leave your skin cleaner and fresher. So maybe that’s what happened?! Either way, I wouldn’t chance using this for the first time before a big event! I’ve used the mask twice since and I haven’t had any such reaction again. Each time I’ve used it, my skin is left feeling soft and thoroughly cleansed.

As this is a fresh product, it has to kept in the fridge and used within a month. It’s a 75g tub from which I could easily get six to seven applications so it’s well worth the €8.95 I paid for it. Over the summer, I’d definitely like to try another one of these — have you used any of Lush’s fresh face masks? What do you recommend?


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