My Everyday Grab Bag

I love that feeling of being organized; when you’re prepared as you can be for everyday life. While I’m not the most unorganized person in the world; let’s just say there’s plenty of room for improvement…

To give you an example: I was playing The Sims 4 one day recently when the characters in the game had their power cut off for not paying their bills. It was only then that it dawned on me that I had meant to pay my own real-life TV & Internet bill the night before…yes, this actually happened!

Normally — at least when it comes to the important things — I’m usually on top of it but that particular responsibility had just completely slipped my mind. I decided there and then to start making the effort to plan ahead and be more organized in general. To ease myself in to the process; I began with my bag. It’s important and I use it every single day so it seemed like a good place to start!

In my bag, I always carry my phone, keys, purse and a canvas shopping bag…as well as multiple loose items. I quickly realised that what I really needed in my bag was a “grab bag”. The idea is that this little bag — which easily fits in to a main bag — holds only the absolute essentials. After some thought, I narrowed it down to just six items — important items that I’ve found myself without on too many occasions.


  • Tissues
  • Hand Wipes
  • Mints
  • Hair ties
  • Painkillers
  • Plasters


I was tempted to also throw in so many other bits such as pen and paper; lip balm; hand cream; feminine hygiene products; loose change and even a spare €20…but I resisted! I wanted to keep things as minimalist as possible. It’s all about convenience so the “grab bag” should be light and sleek and easy to slip in to your main bag. Its size means you’d barely notice it nestled in underneath your phone, purse etc. until you actually need it!

Such a simple thing but it’s so unbelievably handy to have all these little bits in one specific pouch. It means no rooting around your bag when you quickly need something; nothing gets tattered and you can easily see if anything needs replacing. Just having it on me when I’m out and about makes me feel better: definitely a good step towards being more organized!



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