My Sims Legacy: Part Two

Let me start by saying that The Sims 4 has to be the glitchiest game of the whole series. I’ve never had so many problems with a base game! I’m particularly annoyed at the most recent update which wiped the family trees. Back in February, I’d been full of enthusiasm when EA finally added in this all-important genealogy feature. I even started the Legacy Challenge for the first time with the aim of creating ten generations of a single Sim from scratch.

It was all going so well and then this stupid patch had to happen…! I gave up on it for a while but then I found myself drawn back in. In the end, I decided to try and start up my legacy again. The family tree may be wiped but the family themselves are still there and I can go from there so I figured I’ll just carry on…


Last time, the story ended with the tragic deaths of Bran and Olive Beauvoir. Their young now-orphaned children Charlotte and Charlie were left in the care of their aunt Bethany who stepped up to the challenge. She found out that she loved raising the kids so much that she wanted to add another to the mix and so adopted baby Amelie. Growing up together, the cousins became best friends.


Time flew by and suddenly Charlie had become a young adult and ready to take on the Beauvoir estate as his own. He met and quickly married upbeat Elsie in a beautiful backyard ceremony!

After the birth of their first child — and future heir — Dexter, the household composition changed dramatically. Having spent her entire life in the Beauvoir home, aunt Bethany decided it was time to move on. Her teenager Amelie and niece Charlotte went with her to live in a new place in another neighbourhood.


With the house so empty, Charlie and Elsie decided to expand their brood even further. Darcy was born soon after and then a second daughter called Daisy arrived to complete their family.

The fourth generation of the Beauvoirs grew up happy in this well established home. Tragedy only struck when Darcy brought home her adopted daugher Ariana for the first time and found the Grim Reaper towering over her father :-(.


Following in her sister’s footsteps, Daisy adopted a little girl too and the four moved out together. Desperate to do his father proud and continue the family legacy, Dexter immediately eloped with the local librarian. Although they barely knew each other, they were young and in love and certain they were meant to be together. Their son Ezra was born soon after.



Sadly, Dexter and Janey’s marriage barely survived Ezra’s baby years. After multiple arguments and one affair, the pair went their separate ways.

Ezra developed the mean trait and went through a rebellious phase until Dexter finally put his foot down when his beloved mother Elsie passed away. As had been done before by his great aunt Bethany, Dexter bulldozed the house and created a new home for a fresh start.


As Ezra entered his teen years, Dexter found love again — he even unexpectedly had a second child with his new wife. Ezra adores his cute new baby sister, Essie!


As Ezra hits adulthood, it’s clear he hasn’t learned from his parents’ mistakes. His father, stepmother and stepsister move out when it looks like he’s about to settle down with his high school sweetheart. However, like his mother, he cheats on his first love and the relationship comes to an abrupt end. He’s not alone for long though when the lady Sim he had an affair with turns up on his doorstep…with a suspicious bump!

Just like his father, Ezra worries about family tradition and rushes in to marriage. The same day of their hasty wedding, Kayla goes in to labour. Much to their surprise, the newly-weds are soon left holding not one, not two but three little bundles of joy!


Flynn, Florence and Fidel are the sixth generation of the Beauvoir family. Who knows what fun lies ahead — the legacy continues… 😉


2 thoughts on “My Sims Legacy: Part Two

  1. Oh my, I LOVE this. I’ve only just gotten into playing Sims 4 so I seem to have missed a lot of the glitches luckily, but I’ve always loved all the Sims games. I love this legacy challenge, I’ve never stuck to one family before so maybe I will this time! Your family sounds so fun, I love that there’s drama! xx


    1. Ha thanks Sian! I’m the exact same, I’d never stuck with one family for very long so this is definitely a fun and different way to play 🙂


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