Icylc Vodka Ice Pops

Summer is just around the corner and I think we’re all looking forward to all the beach trips, barbecues and (hopefully) sunshine that’s ahead of us!

On a long hot night, there’s nothing better than an ice cold drink and I’ve expressed my love for frozen cocktails many many times before. I was recently given the opportunity to try Icycl Vodka Ice Pops and of course, the chance to sample a new variety of one of my favourite kind of drinks immediately appealed to me.


Made with natural fruit juices and infused with vodka, Icycl Ice Pops are currently available in three flavours: blackcurrant, apple and lemon & lime. A further three flavours — orange, pineapple and pear — are due to be launched later in the year. Pear vodka has always been my favourite flavoured vodka so I would definitely be interested in trying that flavour when it comes out!


Sadly, when I was sent some samples, lemon & lime was out of stock so I only got to try the blackcurrant and apple flavours. Both are refreshing and pleasantly sweet with more of a natural taste instead of being overly sugary as you might expect. Individually packaged, they have a similar feel to the frozen drinks/freeze pops that we all had every summer as kids!


My immediate reaction with these Ice Pops was, of course, to compare them to similar products that I’ve tried in the past like Parrot Bay and Smirnoff Frozen Cocktails.


While Icycl Ice Pops are smaller in size, they also have a higher alcohol content. The flavours are well-balanced too. With Parrot Bay and Smirnoff, I had to give them a stir beforehand so that the alcohol was evenly distributed throughout the drinks. This isn’t the case with the Ice Pops; you just snip off the top and that’s it.

Although they need to be frozen for longer, I found that the Icycl Ice Pops are ready to go as soon as they come out of the freezer whereas with the other two, I’ve had to squeeze them and even run them under warm water to break them up and get them to a consumable condition. I also really like that the Ice Pops are in a self-contained pouch so you can just grab and go.

Another good point is that both Parrot Bay and Smirnoff advise against defrosting and refreezing their products after they’ve been frozen whereas that isn’t a problem with Icycl. I tried and tested this theory and found that these Ice Pops taste just the same even after the refreezing process.


Overall, I’ve really enjoyed trying out these Icycl Ice Pops. The flavours are great, they have a decent alcohol content and they’re fun and easy to consume. However, I do think it’s a shame that they’re not bigger. I’d personally prefer if they were at least twice the size so they’d be better value and also last longer to save us going back and forth from the freezer. Ultimately, I do love the concept though and they’re definitely great for a quick refreshing hit on a hot day!

Icycl Ice Pops will be available in supermarkets and off-licences from June 2015 or you can order online now and have them delivered straight to your door.


Please note: as stated above, these items were sent to me for my consideration. As always, all opinions expressed are my own and 100% honest. The official site for these items can be viewed here.


4 thoughts on “Icylc Vodka Ice Pops

  1. These actually sound divine. I’m not ashamed to say once the weather improves, I always have a frozen cocktail stashed in my freezer. I’ll definitely be trying these out when they’re available!


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