Lush Blue Skies Bubble Bar

Even though this doesn’t seem to be a new product, I’ve never noticed this particular bubble bar in Lush before. As soon as I saw it though, I was sold. After all, it has the same name as my blog — how could I say no?!


Its full name is Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds which is kind of totally cute. It’s quite a big product so I decided I’d get two uses out of it although I had to get L to break it in half for me because it’s pretty hard and solid (I probably also just need to work on my upper body strength!).


With a pretty blue and white swirly pattern, it has quite a strong, deep and exotic smell. Containing patchouli and frankincense, it’s designed to calm and relax.


To start, I popped half the bar straight under the running water. It foamed and created lots of frothy bubbles, tinting the water a pale shade of blue. It was taking quite a while to dissolve so after a few minutes, I scooped out the remaining chunk and crumbled it up directly under the tap which changed the water to a brighter and more beautiful shade of blue. It looks especially gorgeous against the puffy white bubbles!


Like pretty much all Lush products, this bubble bar feels so indulgent and leaves skin luxuriously soft. It’s not my favourite smell — I definitely prefer the sweeter rather than spicy scents — but I love the colour and overall effect. I felt so chilled out afterwards as well so it definitely done its job — perfect choice if you’re looking to unwind at the end of the day!



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