A Little Bit of Luxury: Wolford Tights

You only have to glance through my blog to know that I love a little bit of indulgence — in particular, small luxuries that can be incorporated in to everyday life to immediately make things a little more fun, special and interesting…


I was recently given the opportunity to try a luxury product from Wolford’s tights and hosiery range. I wear a lot of dresses and — living in rainy Ireland — I generally pair them with tights. I have a drawer full of high street pieces so the chance to try a high-end version definitely appealed to me. After much deliberation, I went with these jet-black seamless tights.


Labelled Fatal 50, they’re classic and opaque. Made from super soft material, these have such a lovely luxurious feel to them. They instantly add a Blair Waldorf touch to any outfit!


The wide waistband means they’re comfortable with plenty of stretch in them (what woman doesn’t want that?!). Also, as these tights are seamless, they can be worn under tight clothes without any dreaded visible lines.


So how do these high-end tights measure up against the high street? Well, not surprisingly, they’re better quality. They look beautiful and feel softer, stronger, silkier and more luxurious. Of course, they’re more expensive too but tights are an important accessory in a lot of women’s wardrobes and it could well be worthwhile investing in some higher quality pairs for particular occasions — or for any time you need to add that little bit of luxury to day-to-day life!


Please note: as mentioned above, this item was sent to me for consideration. As always, opinions expressed are my own and 100% honest. This item, and others like it, can be viewed here.


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