Frozen Raspberry Bowls

A couple of weeks back, one of my favourite bloggers posted about her homemade acai bowls. Her recipe calls for frozen acai which — as you can imagine — is not easily found in my little Irish town! I loved the overall idea though so I wanted to come up with my own version. Frozen raspberries are much easier to track down (at least for me!) so that’s what I went with in the end.


This is such a beautiful breakfast idea. It’s simple to put together and the results are bright and colourful, refreshing and filling. With summer just around the corner, it’s a great light and healthy choice. Save it for warmer mornings though and give it a miss on the cooler days; your body temperature will thank you for it!

I find 150g of frozen raspberries makes one decent-sized portion but that can easily be doubled to suit your needs. It’s so easy to make the base of this bowl — just blitz frozen raspberries with a splash of milk in your food processor until thick and creamy. Alternatively, you can use a food chopper to blitz the raspberries and then beat in the milk with a whisk. I still can’t get over how these plain frozen berries can quickly be turned in to something so lovely and luscious looking!


Although you only need a splash of liquid (max. 50ml), I couldn’t get that really creamy consistency without it. I’ve yet to try any other variety but if you’re not a fan of milk; you could always experiment with alternatives such as fruit juice, coconut water or even regular plain water.

When your raspberries are ready, scoop the lot in to a bowl and add whatever toppings you like. Fruit, nuts, seeds, granola…there are so many different combinations to try out! The raspberry base also makes for a really delicious dessert simply with a spoonful of honey or sweetener stirred in. Believe it or not, the taste and texture is very close to ice-cream so it’s a lovely healthy treat for any time of the day. I hope you try it out and enjoy it as much as I do! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Frozen Raspberry Bowls

  1. I am yet to try Acai bowls, but yeah like you said sometimes I wonder where do people find these things XD I want to start making things like this for summer! So many possibilities.. frozen strawberries, rasberries, bananas XD Lot’s of experimenting 🙂 xx


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