Lush Dragon’s Egg

It just so happened that the last bath bomb in my most recent Lush haul was called Dragon’s Egg — so appropriate now that Game of Thrones is back (I honestly didn’t even plan that!).


This is a bit of a monster of a bath bomb. It’s much bigger and heavier, at least compared to the other ones I picked up last month — although it cost a bit more too so that explains it really!

It has a powdery feel to it and smells so good. Ingredients including lemon oil, bergamot oil and jasmine absolute gives Dragon’s Egg a subtle floral scent. To me though, it smells more like sherbet than anything else. It’s got that fizzy sugary feel to it that’s so reminiscent of old-school sweets!


This bath bomb gets to work as soon as it hits the water. A thick creamy foam immediately appears as the bomb slowly dissolves. A few colourful discs of rice paper reveal themselves too — apparently this bomb also contains popping candy but I never actually noticed that.


After several minutes, it was still melting away so I pushed it right under the tap and the direct spray of water kind of made it explode! The water changed to a fiery orange colour which is lovely even if it does leave a bit of a stain in the bathtub afterwards!


Overall, Dragon’s Egg has such a luxurious feel to it. It made the water incredibly silky and left my skin feeling lovely and soft. The bubbles don’t last long but the scent and silkiness lingers and leaves you feeling pampered like a princess (or even a Khaleesi — sorry, just couldn’t resist!).


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