New CID Cosmetics Nail Polish

This month’s issue of Cosmopolitan comes with a free New CID Cosmetics nail polish. There’s a great selection of colours on offer: greige, orange-red; dark purple and magenta pink. I chose the orange-red which I thought would be a really pretty colour for Spring/Summer.


I’d never heard of this brand before and I’ve definitely never seen it in any shops. They do sell on a number of sites though where they have a fairly extensive range. The polishes in this particular collection are all dessert themed with sweet names including everything from Creme Caramel to Truffles and Blueberry Muffin to Panna Cotta. This particular shade is called Crepes Suzette which I think is such a cute and totally appropriate name! It’s a warm and fiery red with subtle orange undertones and just the right amount of shine.


The slender brush makes this easy to apply and you can have an opaque finish with just one coat — although I always opt for two coats out of habit! I got three days wear out of this without a top coat before I saw any chips.

On the label and online, this is described as an “i-polish” which apparently refers to its light-up technology. A lid with a light would be a fun if slightly gimmicky touch although it’s not actually available with this particular bottle(!). All in all, it’s still a very decent polish so it’s definitely worth picking up this month’s Cosmo!


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