Nicki Minaj: The Pinkprint Tour


I love a bit of pop music so as soon as I heard Nicki Minaj would be playing in Dublin, I had to be there! I just had an immediate feeling that she’d put on a good show and as we found out this week; I was right!

The venue was the Three Arena and we arrived late enough on Tuesday evening. It was just after eight and the support act Trey Songz was already up and in the middle of his set. I wouldn’t be familiar with him at all but the crowd seemed to love him. From what I heard, he was pretty decent and had a good few people singing along with him.

We had standing tickets but rather than being in the middle of the horde; we opted to hang back at one of the pillars (conveniently located by the bar). We actually had a fairly good view from there — I’m only 5’2 so if I’m amongst a crowd, I’m usually trying to peer around everyone else!

The main act didn’t keep us waiting too long and a “behind-the-scenes” video introduced her to the stage. I probably wasn’t the only one surprised that she opened with a slow and serious number. Masked and dressed in black lace, she was almost unrecognisable! You couldn’t fault her vocals though — she was pitch perfect and even though I wasn’t familiar with the first few songs, I really enjoyed them.


There was a burst of excitement then when she flashed a big bright smile and launched in to her 2014 track Only which got everyone moving and chanting along. Then there was some of the really big ones like Anaconda and Superbass before Nicki pulled a couple of fans up on stage (which I love to see at any show!).

There were some slower moments which kind of dulled the mood for a bit but the good moments were really good which made up for all that. It was almost three quarters of the way through the show when Nicki did Pound the AlarmVa Va Voom and Turn Me On which — combined — probably got the best reaction from the crowd

She performed for just under two hours. There was a number of costume (and hair colour) changes throughout as she flaunted her famous curves alongside the biggest beaming smile. Her team of back-up dancers were really great and overall, there was lots of fun and energy on-stage. She ended with Starships and that was it! I’m really glad that my first concert of 2015 was such a good one — here’s hoping that the others I’ll be attending this year will match up to it!



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