Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar


Irish fans of Youtuber sensation Zoe Sugg are in luck because the Zoella beauty range has come to Penney’s!


I was recently in the Mary Street store in Dublin on a typically hectic Saturday afternoon when I came across the stand. There was next to nothing left at this stage but happily one of the few items remaining was a fizz bar.


I’d already seen the full range online and to me, the fizz bar was the most interesting looking product so I grabbed it as soon as I saw it!


It’s a chunky solid bar consisting of 8 squares. You drop 1-2 squares in to warm running water and watch it fizz!


It dissolves quickly, turning the water a cloudy shade of white. It instantly has a relaxing and soothing feel to it.


I have to say; I was so surprised with its scent.  I expected it to be really sweet but it’s not at all. I find that it has a pleasantly musky and powdery smell instead. Zoe’s audience seems to be largely teenagers but I think this product could appeal to any age.


The packaging is very pretty and cute and girly. I really think this would be an especially lovely item to add to a gift basket for someone’s birthday. I quite like it as a product although I don’t think it’s as interesting as a Lush bath bomb. It’s a good option if you want something simple but still indulgent.

The fizz bar retails at €6 and you could get at least 4 baths out of it so it’s not bad value — it’s actually cheaper to buy it in Penney’s than it is to buy it online. I’ve yet to try any of the other products in the range. If you’ve used them; leave a comment below as I’d love to hear what they’re like!



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