L’Oreal Collection Exclusive By Blake


Let me start by saying; I am not a lipstick person at all. I have a dozen glosses and balms but up until recently, I don’t think I’d ever even bought a lipstick before. I owned a few that came as part of various little sets but that was about it.


For a change, I’ve been wanting to pick one up for myself for a while now. I saw this particular lipstick was on special offer for €7.99 in a local pharmacy so I just went with the first colour I saw that I liked. Of course, it only occurred to me after that there is a specific reason why each lipstick is named after a different L’Oreal ambassador — that the different shades are designed to suit different looks.




As it turned out, I unwittingly chose the lipstick that is designed for pale blue-eyed blondes when in fact I’m a naturally tanned brunette…! I was annoyed at first but then I just figured, it’s still a gorgeous red colour — there’s no reason I can’t wear it!


When I first applied it, I instantly loved the rich and vibrant shade. It feels creamy and moisturising and has a nice matte finish. Eva Longoria’s shade might suit me a bit more but I still like the look of this.

I initially thought it wasn’t very long lasting. The first couple of times that I slicked some on; it started to wear off within an hour. I then started to layer it a bit and apply it with a slightly heavier hand. Now the colour wearing off is a completely non-existent problem — in fact, I fell asleep with this on once and when I woke the next morning, my lips were still a very deep red! Overall, I’m pretty happy with this lipstick — I might even try Eva’s shade some time soon to see how they compare!


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