Bog Standard


I recently received a gorgeous gift of a Bog Standard natural wax candle. Before I’d even opened it up, I was swooning over the pretty packaging. The box is covered in hand-drawn wildflowers with a list of simple everyday luxuries printed on the back. Inside was a pure white candle in a sturdy and solid glass.


I have to admit I’d never heard of this range before but after looking in to it, I’m fairly impressed! It includes soaps, candles, hand creams and more all inspired by and created in Ireland.


With their candles, Bog Standard use a fragrance content of 7% — compared to the industry average of 3-5%. Some of the scents in the range include Clover; Field and Moss. My candle is Sea. It has a clean, fresh outdoorsy fragrance. I’ve been lighting it every time I have a bubble bath and it just fills the room with the loveliest and most relaxing scent. I can speak from my own experience to say that this makes a really great gift. Whether it’s for a loved one or yourself, is up to you!



2 thoughts on “Bog Standard

  1. I’m an absolute candle fanatic, can’t believe I let an Irish candle brand slip through the cracks. I’m going to have a nosy on their website now and then drop a million and one hints in time for Mother’s Day!



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