My Five Favourite Pancake Toppings

Happy Shrove Tuesday! I’ve kind of been indulging in pancakes a lot since last weekend…hey, that’s what happens when Valentine’s and Pancake Day are so close together! I absolutely love thick fluffy pancakes — they’re so versatile and you can have so many different varieties. I want to share my five favourite toppings; let me know if yours are different!


Apple & Cinnamon

Apple compote with a touch of spice is a different but incredibly delicious accompaniment (even better with a little whipped cream on the side too!).

Any Flavour Ice-cream

A couple of scoops on a warm stack of pancakes makes for one perfect dessert.

Bacon & Maple Syrup

For the ultimate indulgent brunch, crispy bacon drizzled with syrup.

Lemon & Sugar

Fresh lemon juice squeezed on top with a sprinkle of regular white sugar — an old favourite and an absolute classic!

Nutella & Fresh Strawberries

Need I say more? Chocolate and strawberries have to be one of the best combinations ever!



4 thoughts on “My Five Favourite Pancake Toppings

  1. Well, can’t really argue with those! The lemon and sugar is one of my favourites, but only on thin crepes, to me it doesn’t work so well on the thick fluffy pancakes. With the apple one, I prefer sour cream to whipped cream and then it needs a sprinkling of sugar too. Bacon and maple, yes, yum. Last night for our shrove celebration we had sausages and pancakes with maple syrup which is also good.


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