Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

As many eagle-eyed beauty fans may have noticed; this month’s edition of Elle magazine includes a special little gift. It’s Roller Lash — Benefit’s latest mascara which isn’t due to go on sale until the end of this month.


I usually pick up a new mascara maybe every six to eight months. I always look to see what’s new and interesting and I generally choose something from Rimmel, Maybelline or Max Factor. I’m a big fan of these brands because their products are affordable and such good quality too. I love to layer on the mascara for a night out or special occasion but I wouldn’t really wear it on a day-to-day basis. Also when I’m purchasing make-up for fun rather than a specific purpose, I tend to be drawn to lip glosses and nail polishes. Basically I’ve just never felt the need to spend 20-something euro on a mascara. In other words…I’ve never tried a Benefit mascara before…!


I’ve heard so much about these mascaras though and I’ll admit that I’ve been a bit intrigued by them. They’re Real has become a cult product over the past couple of years and Roller Lash promises to be the next big thing so I couldn’t wait to put this sample to the test.


Obviously because this is a sample product, the wand is a lot smaller but it still works well. It’s super flexible with tiny rubber hooks that instantly lift the lashes. One coat darkens, two coats emphasises length and three coats gives incredible volume to top it off. I’d wear two coats for daytime and three for evening but that’s just my personal preference.


Having given the product a fair shot, would I now spend 20+ euro on this one product that I’d only use — at most — once a week? You know…I actually might. I wouldn’t have entertained the idea before since I’ve always been happy with similar products that cost half the price. However, as a test, I’ve worn this mascara a few times now for a day each time and it hasn’t flaked or smudged on me once. It actually looks pretty much the same in the evening as when I apply it in the morning whereas all my other mascaras would wear off quite a bit after a number of hours. I’m actually fairly impressed with it. I’m going to keep using this sample and when it finishes; I might just have to visit the Benefit counter for a full-sized replacement!


4 thoughts on “Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

  1. I bought the magazine to get the mascara based on your recommendation! I love Benefit make-up, I barely ever get any because of the price, and I’ve never had one of their mascaras before, but I’m looking forward to trying it now!


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