Katy Perry: Killer Queen’s Spring Reign

The other day, I walked in to a pharmacy just for a quick browse (as you do!). Almost immediately, a display of the new Katy Perry perfume caught my eye. I thought to myself; between Christmas and my birthday, I’ve received three new bottles of perfume in the last month! I took a little sample of it anyway and kept walking. Then I found myself doing a lap of the shop and scooting back to the display. Next thing I knew I was at the till and then I was home, with a little bag that held the latest addition to my rapidly growing perfume collection!


I just couldn’t resist! It’s called Spring Reign and it’s a limited edition Eau de Parfum in Katy’s Killer Queen collection. It’s so prettily packaged and it smells really beautiful. Fresh, floral and feminine — it’s basically Spring in a bottle! As it’s quite light and delicate, it’s ideal for everyday wear. It’s surprisingly long-lasting too. I spray some on in the morning and find the scent still lingering by evening time.


Like the other fragrances in the Killer Queen range; this bottle is in the shape of a precious ruby and topped with a golden crown-style lid. I purchased the original Killer Queen perfume when it was released in 2013 and, even though (unlike this one) it didn’t have great staying power, the scent itself was lovely so I had high hopes. It might not be to everyone’s taste but I really adore Spring Reign‘s sweet simplicity and will be wearing lots of it over the coming months.




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