Valentine’s at Lush


Valentine’s Day is just a couple of weeks away and I’ll happily admit that I don’t hate February 14th! Sure, it’s massively commercialised but it can still be fun. Granted, I am in a relationship but even when I was single, I always used V-Day as an excuse for some extra indulgence and pampering! Lush have recently introduced a Valentine’s range to their shops and I just had to try a few bits from the collection. Everything looked so appealing but, so as not to completely bankrupt myself, I managed to narrow it down to three items.


The Kiss Lip Scrub

This is the cutest little pot! A silhouette couple feature on the lid and within the jar is lots of pretty pink product. I’ve never really used these kind of scrubs in the past and the first time I tried this particular one, it kind of stung! I was definitely too enthusiastic in my application as it made my lips sore and almost raw. I left it a couple of days and, not wanting to give up, tried it again. It turn out it really makes such a difference when you apply this gently but firmly and rub it in completely. This way my lips are left feeling lovely and soft although I do think that using it once or twice a week should be sufficient. As this is a naturally grainy product, it is a bit messier to apply so it’s not ideal for on-the-go. A little does goes a long way so this 25g jar will last me for months to come — that is, if I can resist licking it off my lips every time I apply it because it tastes amazing (just like Refresher sweets!).




Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

This bright little beauty would put a smile on anyone’s face — I couldn’t wait to have a bath with this! To start, I broke it in half as it seemed like quite a lot to use in one go. Half was definitely more than enough — as soon as I popped it under the warm running water, it got to work. By the end, I had a full tub filled with lots of luscious bubbles! A soak in this made my skin feel so soft and silky smooth. I have to say though that I was expecting a beautiful vivid rainbow-like bath the first time but — disappointingly — the water barely changed colour. On a second try, I crumbled up the other half piece rather than putting it in whole and it turned the water a pretty pink with streaks of purple and yellow. I did notice, though, that there was less bubbles when I crumbled it up so I’d rather put in a whole piece and have a virtually colourless but properly bubbly bath!


Prince Charming Shower Gel

Made with marshmallow root, vanilla and fresh pomegranate juice; this shower gel smells incredible. It’s sweet but not as much as you’d expect it to be, with a fruity and almost exotic hint to it too. It lathers up extremely well and leaves your skin soft and delicately scented. The label suggests that this can be used in your hair too but I have yet to try that! This is available in 100g, 250g and 500g with prices starting at just over €6. I bought the small bottle because, to be perfectly honest, I don’t like spending huge amounts on shower gel! I’d guess that I’ll get about ten applications out of this bottle which is fine by me. When it’s all gone, I’ll have the perfect excuse to go back to Lush in search of something new to use in its place!


3 thoughts on “Valentine’s at Lush

  1. Such cute products! I’ve seen the unicorn horn bubble bar around and now I just want it even more haha. Don’t even know if I can bring myself to use it because it’s so adorable. Thanks for sharing! ❤


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