Lush Helping Hands Hand Cream

Every once in a while, my hands will suddenly get in a really bad state. Seemingly out of nowhere, the skin becomes painfully dry and flaky and my knuckles will crack and bleed…it’s as awful as it sounds!

I’ve tried a few different creams in the past but sometimes it’ll be so bad that even plain old water would cause my hands to sting. Whenever it reaches that stage, I generally decide that I need to visit my doctor. Somehow though I never end up going, whether it’s because I can’t fit it in or there are no available appointments. Last month it happened that my hands flared up in this way but again I didn’t make it to the doctor’s. It took almost a fortnight for them to heal so since then, I’ve been really conscious of looking after them. It’s the little but important things like ensuring that I’m wearing appropriate gloves when I’m out in the cold or doing the dishes, switching to a moisturising every day soap and applying cream religiously.


 As I’ve mentioned before, I spent a lot of time in Lush when I was doing my Christmas shopping this year. As well as a stack of presents, I also picked up some Helping Hands hand cream for myself (it was almost claustrophobic in there with all the other shoppers, I figured I needed a reward!).

Inside this pot is the thickest silkiest cream. Ingredients include almond oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and honey which all work together to hydrate and nourish the hands. When you apply this, it sinks in so quickly and you’re left with soft supple skin. As impressed as I am with how it feels, I wasn’t initially as taken with the smell. I’m usually drawn to the really sweet-scented products in Lush so I didn’t instantly like this. I think it has a slightly medicinal hint to it but it’s also quite clean and fresh so it is growing on me over time!

This 100g pot costs around €10 but you only need the tiniest amount for each application so I think it could be really good value in the long run. I keep my pot in the kitchen so I remember to apply it every morning and night when I’m grabbing a cup of tea!

It’s good to note that on the pot is says “best used fresh” but it also has an expiry date. I asked a (very helpful) member of the Lush team about this and they advised me that their potted products are absolutely fine to use up until the expiry date. My pot doesn’t expire until February of next year…! Although I’m sure I’ll have used up every last bit long before then :-).

While I obviously don’t want my hands to flare up again, it’ll be interesting to see how they’ll respond to this cream then. If and when that happens, I’ll report back here (although let’s hope that won’t be any time soon!).



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