Christmas Catch-Up

So the main day has come and gone…it always passes so quickly! On Christmas Eve, we went to L’s family home and we only returned to our own place this afternoon. This was my first Christmas away and — to be honest — I initially thought it might be a bit strange not to spend this time with my siblings and parents as I’ve always done. However, it turned out to be a really lovely experience. L’s family are so kind and welcoming and we were pretty much spoiled over the past few days! As a perfect finish to this week, we’re going to my family home for the day tomorrow for Christmas Part Two!

For now though, L and I are resting in our own apartment and having some time to ourselves (which means he’s playing his new PS4 game and I’m catching up on my blog and continuing my cookie binge). Hope everyone is enjoying the season :-).


^ one of my favourite seasonal snacks — mulled apple juice & star-shaped sugar cookies ^


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