A Festive Afternoon Tea

At the weekend, we had some family over for a festive afternoon tea. I’m always so enthusiastic when it comes to planning these kind of things but then when it comes to the day itself; I typically get a little bit stressed…!

I find that all the cooking, cleaning and shopping tends to build up really quickly and there’s a surprising amount of things to remember to do. I even had a check-list and still fell behind. As our guests were walking in the door, I was in the middle of cutting sandwiches and finding extra cups and trying to whip cream all at once!

In the end? Everything was fine. It was lovely even and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves which is obviously the most important thing! I quickly realised that as long as I put on Christmas music, fairy lights and the kettle; I’d be off to a good start! The rest just fell in to place and our “afternoon” tea didn’t actually end until nine that evening — at which point I was nearly falling asleep! I’ll admit that it was a little tiring to arrange everything but it was fun too and totally worth the effort — I’m sure it’ll happen again this season and maybe next time, I’ll be more prepared!



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