Viktor & Rolf Bonbon

Like most ladies, I tend to keep certain perfumes for special occasions. The most recent addition to my collection, however, is one that I’ve started using on a regular basis. It’s the very pretty and posh Viktor & Rolf Bonbon and I’m loving this fragrance so much that I’m wearing it most days now. I normally would keep something like this for nights out or particular events but I figure that at this time of year it’s nice to have a little bit of indulgence every day ;-).


I was immediately attracted to this when I first saw it on the shelf in Debenham’s. I’m a sucker for some pretty packaging and I think it’s really cute how this pink bottle is shaped like an old-fashioned wrapped piece of candy. The scent itself is warm, sweet and feminine with notes including caramel, peach and jasmine. It’s also long-lasting. I spray some on in the morning and it’s still lingering by the time evening comes around.


Unfortunately, Bonbon is pricey enough at €65 for 30ml. This would be one for when you want to treat yourself or it would also make a lovely present. My own bottle is actually a present (although I chose it myself) from my boyfriend’s mum (so yes, I really shouldn’t have opened it ’til Christmas but I just couldn’t wait!).



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