Gingerbread Muffins with a Lemony Twist

Christmas is just three weeks away and I’m really excited for all the decorating, shopping and baking that lies ahead! These muffins are the first festive thing I’ve made this season and I think we’re off to a good start. These aren’t your typical sweet fluffy muffins. They’re warm and spicy, dark and dense (in a good way!). You know those solid loaves of traditional gingerbread? These muffins taste exactly like that.


Reading through the recipe, I guessed that these muffins wouldn’t be overly sweet so I figured that some zesty lemon would work really here. I initially planned on just adding the flavour with a simple topping — icing sugar, a drop of water and a splash of lemon juice mixed together is one of my favourites. Then I got to thinking and decided that some luscious lemon curd swirled in to the batter would also definitely be a good thing!


I didn’t have any lemon curd in the house but as it turns out; it’s actually incredibly easy to make at home. If you have lemon, butter, sugar and eggs; you can quickly whip up some really delicious lemon curd (I quartered this recipe and it turned out perfect). I just spooned a dollop of the stuff in to the middle of each muffin case before the batch went in the oven. The flavour is subtle but definitely there.


The lemon flavour from both the curd and the icing really adds so much to these muffins. Without it, I think they’d be a bit too heavy for my liking. With it, however, they’re nicely balanced — plus you can sprinkle little stars on the icing for a lovely festive finishing touch!


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