Yankee Christmas Candles


Christmas shopping for us started over the weekend. Amongst a few other little bits, I picked up a set of 6 seasonal Yankee votive candles.

I think, on cold winter nights, there’s nothing prettier than the sight of a candle burning. It’s even better when they have the loveliest festive scents (see below for individual descriptions). To finish it off, I found a cute little snowflake-printed holder in a home department just to add to the whole effect! These candles have up to fifteen hours burn time each so I’m really looking forward to using them over the Christmas season — I love this time of year!


Season of Peace: Clean & fresh

Cranberry Ice: Rich & fruity

Icicles: Crisp & delicate

Candy Cane Lane: Sweet & minty

Snow in Love: Woodsy & powdery

Christmas Eve: Warm & classic


candy cane lane is my personal favourite!


7 thoughts on “Yankee Christmas Candles

  1. I love Yankee Candles! I picked up ‘Hollyberry’ today and it’s by far my fav Christmas candle that I’ve found so far. There was also one called Pink Snowflake (I think…!), which was very sweet, but I think that’s my treat to myself next week 😛


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