Jamie Oliver’s Homemade Sausage Rolls

I’ve always found that shop-bought sausage rolls can be really hit and miss; often that bit too stodgy and greasy for my liking.


I’ve had, however, homemade varieties — and always loved them — in the past so I decided to make them for myself. This Jamie Oliver recipe is an absolute winner. It’s so easy to follow…I actually think it’s aimed at students but everyone will surely enjoy these!


The sausage filling is so tender and flavoursome and encased in just the right amount of golden flaky pastry. I actually used 100g less puff pastry than is called for and it worked out perfectly.


Jamie suggests pairing the sausage rolls with pickle, cheese and vegetable sticks but I just stuck with good old-fashioned ketchup this time around. I’d love to make these again for guests though and I’d pair them with different dips — their easy individual size would make them so ideal to serve during the upcoming festive season!



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