21 Things I love About Winter

It feels like it was only recently that I posted on the 21 Things I Love About Autumn…and that’s actually right because it really wasn’t all that long ago! To me, the transition to this season from the last seemed a little sharp and sudden. It was like one moment we were noticing cooler air and a few fallen leaves here and there…The next thing we know, we’re in full-blown winter mode. It can be difficult to adjust to this time of year — especially when it comes around so quickly — so I’m focusing on the positive with my list of 21 Things I Love About Winter.


  • Fresh morning air
  • Thick knitted scarves
  • Roaring open fires
  • Hot Chocolate with lots of marshmallows and cream
  • Ice Skating
  • The possibility of snow
  • The smell of evergreen trees
  • Fuzzy slipper socks
  • Lit scented candles
  • Long luxurious bubble baths
  • Fresh cotton/flannel pyjamas
  • Icicles and frozen cobwebs
  • Coming in from the cold
  • Warm hearty meals
  • Festive films
  • Fairy lights in shop windows
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s
  • January Sales
  • Cosy evenings in
  • Starry night skies

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