Pumpkin Carving

During the week, L and I are both in class all day and a good part of our evenings is often taken up with assignments (mostly him), blog work (me) and household chores (mostly me…!). By the time that’s all done, we tend to get lazy and our spare time ends up being spent in front of the TV.

So when we actually make the effort to do something different on a week-night, it’s always good. We’d already picked out our pumpkins over the weekend but, up until yesterday, they had just been put to one side. Then we realised how close it actually is to Halloween and we got to work straight away!

Before we started, we decided that it would be more fun if we weren’t allowed to see the other person’s design until they were completely finished. We sat on opposite sides of our kitchen table and had a lovely grown-up conversation while carving competitively like big kids! When our pumpkins were done and we had the candles lit inside them; we turned off the lights and finally got to see the other’s handiwork…


His is obviously better than mine (which is the one with the “heart shaped” eyes, if you couldn’t guess!)…although I think, to be fair, that was probably my first time carving a pumpkin by myself?! It was lots of fun anyway and such a perfect way to spend an evening for Halloween week. Well it just wouldn’t be Spooky Season without a pumpkin or two, now would it?!

By the way: I’m only just getting in to Instagram now (late or what?!) so you can follow me here if you like. Hope to see you over there soon :-).


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