Homemade Hot chocolate & Chips Ahoy!


Do you ever make homemade hot chocolate? I don’t mean with cocoa powder (although I do love this too!); I’m talking about adding real chocolate pieces to warm milk. It’s so good! I don’t make it that often as it’s just a bit too rich and indulgent to be a regular thing but that means it makes for an even better treat.

As I mentioned (numerous times) on Twitter this week, I’ve not been very well lately. It’s nothing serious — just a really heavy cold — but it was enough to stop me from blogging for a few days. I’ve over the worst of it now and ready to make up for my recent lack of posts so I thought I should share one of my favourite pick-me-ups: this luxurious hot chocolate with marshmallows and cookies on the side!


When it comes to cookies, I don’t discriminate. Whether they’re homemade or shop-bought, I love them all! We’re trying Chips Ahoy Cookies for the first time this weekend. We chose the crispy choco caramel variety and they’re lovely and crumbly and moreish. There are 12 cookies in each 168g pack and I have a sneaking suspicion that we’ll tear through them in no time ;-).


To make the hot chocolate: simply heat the milk gently for five minutes and then thoroughly stir in your favourite whole chocolate.

I used 8 squares of milk chocolate for 450ml of milk which made enough for two teacups. If you don’t drink it all immediately, it will naturally separate so just give it a stir before reheating. Add some marshmallows lightly dusted with cocoa powder for a finishing touch and enjoy!



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