The Halloween Tag

I absolutely love Halloween so I’m really excited that it’s that time of year again. I’ve decided to kick things off with a series of Halloween themed questions which I came on this blog. I tag anyone who wants to do it — if you post the answers on your own blog, be sure to leave a link below!


1) What’s your favourite horror movie?

I can be squeamish so I’m really not a fan of the typical guts-and-gore horror movies. I love psychological thrillers though — they scare the hell out of me and I find them more satisfying that horrors. The likes of Misery with Kathy Bates…so good!

2) If you were in a horror movie, how far do you think you would get? (Five minutes, halfway, all the way to the end credits…?)

Hopefully ’til the end?! I’d like to think I wouldn’t be the one that runs up the stairs with nowhere to go….but then again, who knows?!

3) Favourite scary video game?

Pass — I don’t play video games.

4) Favourite scary story?

That urban legend of the woman who pulls in at a petrol station and becomes suspicious of the assistant’s attempts to get her to come with him. In the end, she drives off frantically before realising that he was just trying to warn her that there was a guy in her back seat…argh!

5) What’s one unusual thing that you’re afraid of?

Cauliflower…it just freaks me out! I think I had a dream where someone kidnapped me and used cauliflower to gag me…it probably doesn’t get weirder than that!

6) What’s your first memory of Halloween?

When I was in Junior Infants in school, we all had to dress up and the entire school had an assembly that day to showcase our outfits! I went as the Queen of Hearts — I had the most gorgeous burgundy gown and my mum made me a crown out of cardboard, tin foil and real jelly sweets for jewels!

7) What’s your favourite Halloween memory?

When we were kids and we’d go trick or treating; play apple bobbing; go down to the local bonfire…the good old days!

8) Best Halloween costume you’ve had?

Probably the Queen of Hearts?! But I also have to say that I love the Little Red Riding Hood outfit which I ordered online last year. With its little cape and puffy gingham skirt, I just think it’s so cute! I only wore it for five hours so I’m probably going to use it again this Halloween.

9) Worst Halloween costume you’ve had?

When I was little, I went as a witch almost every year — black dress and black pointy hat….not very imaginative!


10) Werewolves or vampires?

Ooh…I don’t know! Probably neither — after the likes of Twilight and True Blood, I always think of werewolves and vampires as just being ridiculously good-looking creatures who don’t really want to hurt you…!

11) Ghosts or zombies?

Ghosts! You can’t hide from ghosts!

12) Creepy dolls or creepy clowns?

When I was a kid, I was more afraid of clowns that anything else. The first (and last) time I ever went to a circus, I ran out crying as soon as a clown appeared! Fortunately (!) I’ve grown out of that fear so I’m going to say creepy dolls are scarier now — especially the ones that look like they’re watching you!

13) Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers or Leatherface?

I always get these guys mixed up…whichever one appears in your dreams — I couldn’t cope with that!


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