Dulce de Leche Brownies


Craving something sweet and indulgent over the weekend, I tried David Lebovitz’s recipe for Dulce de Leche Brownies. Dense and rich and intensely chocolatey like any good brownie should be; there was also the added bonus of thick caramel swirls in every piece. Believe me — they taste as incredible as they sound!


The recipe is so easy to follow and takes just about tens minutes to put together. The only thing I’d change is the baking time which is given as 35 to 45 minutes. I thought that might be a bit too long so I took my pan out after thirty minutes and even then, I was wishing I’d done that five minutes earlier! They could have been a bit gooier in the middle but they were still pretty amazing. I guess the lesson here is that all ovens vary and mine just seems to be particularly hot.

Lebovitz notes that these actually taste better on the second day and I can definitely vouch for that! Overnight, they become deliciously chewy and fudgy. Even on the third day, they’re just as good.


These are really the most decadent treat. I didn’t make many chocolate desserts during the hot summer that we just had so I think it’s time to start making up for that…and these are definitely a good way to go ;-).



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