Make-Up Clear-Out

I have a bad habit of hoarding cosmetics but I recently decided that enough was enough and it was time to do a bit of a clear-out!

make-up clean-up

I took the time to properly go through my collection. I didn’t want to start chucking everything away but at the same time; I knew I had to be strict and let certain things go.

Both the Garnier and Rimmel BB Creams were out almost immediately because I’m not a fan of either. I really disliked the sticky texture of the Garnier cream and — as was also the case with the Rimmel version — the colour didn’t particularly suit my skin-tone. There was also the few bits that are pretty but don’t get much use like the sparkly red Catrice nail polish. I have enough clutter around the house so I had to firmly bin anything that I wasn’t reaching for on at least a semi-regular basis. Also of all the magazine freebies I’d amassed, at least half got tossed — some because they weren’t the best quality and others because they just didn’t suit me.

Not all the products that got thrown out were bad though. The likes of the Essence eye-liner and the Rimmel pressed powder are amazing but I’ve had them for absolutely ages so they just had to go. I’d have no problem repurchasing these in the future — it’s always good to have some reliable products on hand!

At home, I keep all my cosmetics on top of my dresser. It’s now looking decidedly barer so the obvious solution is to start filling it up again! I’m particularly interested in finding a good (and affordable!) CC cream and blusher. If anyone has any product recommendations, I’ll be glad to hear them!


4 thoughts on “Make-Up Clear-Out

  1. What did you think of the Rimmel glam eyes mascara that I see there? I had that last year and really liked it but they don’t make it any more…or they didn’t last time I looked, unless they just bring it in for Christmas or something, ooh if so it might be out again now or soon!


    1. Probably half of my make-up collection is Rimmel – I love their stuff! This mascara had to go because I know I bought it ages ago – so long ago that I actually forget what it was like to use! I’ll keep an eye out for it in the shops and let you know if I see it around 🙂


  2. Just purchased the Bourjois CC Cream which retails at £10 and is AMAZING! I wear it on its own most of the time but it’s just perfect at giving you a natural glow. Will be reviewing it in the near future on my blog but I can tell it’s going to quickly become a holy grail of mine! You should give it a go, especially as you do get a lot for your money in terms of both quality and quantity!x


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