Earlier this year, I blogged about being unemployed. I’d finished up in my last job just before Easter and since then, I had been looking for something new. As many of us unfortunately know; job-seeking can be incredibly frustrating so I’m really happy to be able to say that my situation has now finally changed.


I applied to do a course in my hometown and I was lucky enough to get a place. It’s a fairly general course, offering its participants different modules to gain various skills that can be utilized in pretty much any workplace.

To be completely honest, six months ago I would never have expected that I’d be doing a course like this. I was aiming to get a job rather than to go back to education again but as it turns out; you need either tons of experience or else specific qualifications to get in to most workplaces nowadays.

As I’d hardly had any response from the CVs and application forms that I had been sending out, I decided to take a different approach. I realised that, instead of being completely focused on going straight back in to the workplace, it might make sense to consider other options. This course only runs for one academic year so I worked out that if I went ahead with it, I could have some brand new skills and certificates by next summer.

As well as it being a way to make yourself more appealing to employers; it’s also something to do and a chance to meet new people. The course has only started recently enough but I’m feeling positive and hoping that it will lead to new and better opportunities (preferably — if I’m being honest again — paid employment!).


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